Job number: A402

Summerlee Heritage Park in Coatbridge near Glasgow, is a popular tourist attraction and contains working exhibits of all kinds such as steam engines, industrial machinery - in short it is very much a 'science and industrial museum' kind of affair and therefore a brilliant place for a cinema organ in my opinion!

The organ was first built in 1937 for the Mayfair cinema in the Liverpool district of Aigburth and was the 3 manual 6 ranks plus melotone 'ABC' model with the following ranks:  Diapason, Flute, String, Tibia, Trumpet and Tuba installed in 2 chambers behind the screen.

In 1973 the Mayfair was converted to Bingo operation like so many across the country and the organ was removed and eventually brought and reinstalled at the Summerlee museum where it was opened in concert.  During this time, the melotone was completely restored which including making brand new discs.

In 2010 the organ was dismantled and given a complete restoration and at the time of writing (November 2012) is in the process of being reinstalled back in the museum.

The following video is when I visited the organ back in 2003.  However, I did not have a video camera back then and only had a cheap dictaphone but the distinctive sounds of the melotone can be heard.