Job number: A353

The organ was built in 1937 and is typical of the smaller instruments which Compton's were building at this time. The 4 ranks of pipes are housed at the rear of the church behind a dummy pipe facade with the exception of the Compton patent 32ft polyphonic bass.

In 1977, the organ was overhauled by local organ builder Michael Mason which also involved some minor tonal alterations and moving the console to its present position.

The specification reads:

Sub Bass 32'
Sub Bass 16'
Echo Bass 8'
Octave 8'
Bass Flute 8'
Salicional 8'
Trombone 16'
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal

Open Diapason 8'
Rohr Flute 8'
Salicional 8'
Principal 4'
Flute 4'
Nazard 2.2/3'
Fifteenth 2'
Larigot 1.1/3'
Swell to Great

Contra Salicional 16'
Rohr Flute 8'
Salicional 8'
Flute 4'
Salicet 4'
Flautino 2'
Cymbale III
Double Trumpet 16'
Trumpet 8'
Clarion 4'
Tremulant (affecting all divisons)

4 double touch thumb pistons to great and pedal
4 double touch thumb pistons to swell and pedal
1 canceller thumb piston - great to pedal
1 canceller thumb piston - swell to pedal
1 balanced expression pedal - organ
1 balanced expression pedal - crescendo
1 general cancel thumb piston
Double touch canceller to each division
4 ventil switches