The organ was originally built in 1936 for the Regal Cinema in Chesterfield where it was opened by Wilfred Southworth. The organ had 7 ranks of pipes and an illuminated console. Unusually this organ did not feature the patent Compton electrostatic melotone unit which was standard on the companies cinema organs at this time.

In 1965 the organ was removed from the cinema by Bolton organ builder Ronald Curtis. It was eventually bought and installed here in 1968 by members of the church. The organ remains in original condition minus the percussion and novelty sound effects and the Vox Humana rank. Thankfully the organ does retain the 'Tibia' rank of pipes which is the fundamental sound for the cinema organ.

Sadly the organ has not been working for a number of years which is believed to be due to a fault with the blower and also the church having no organist. When I switched the organ on, there is power going to the console and the double touch stop actions etc were all functioning.

It would be so good to have this organ playing again. Maybe the Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust or another society would be interested? Either way, the church would be glad to hear of anyone who knows about pipe organ electrics who is able to get this organ functioning again.