From the age of 15 it had been an ambition of mine to own a Compton electronic organ for home practice and this was achieved at the age of 21 when I acquired this 352 model.

In 1952, Comptons developed the 352 model which was also known as the 'melotone' - not to be confused with melotones of the pre war years attached to cinema organs!  It had a cinema organ spec and also a Vibraphone stop and was very popular in working mens clubs and Butlins holiday camps, hotel bars etc.

This particular model I have dates from around 1955 and is said to have come from a hotel bar in Leeds.  It was then in storage for several years at a garage in Tamworth before going to a classical organist in Warrington who I acquired it from.

The organ is excellent and is able to handle both church and cinema style playing.  I wouldnt choose any other instrument over this!

My cat Milo at 8 weeks old and clearly a Compton enthusiast also!


Compton really did think of everything - how many other organ builders designed speakers for cats??????  My cats Jasper (left) and Molly (right) on the speaker of my Compton organ.