The organ here was first built by Vowles for Mill Hill School Chapel at an unknown date and in 1958 was given a major rebuild by Compton Organ which saw the addition of the choir division and new detached console. In 1985 the organ was moved and installed here by Michael Mason where it replaced an instrument by Alfred Monk.

The specification reads:

Open Diapason 16'
Bourdon 16'
Octave 8'
Bass Flute 8'
Flute 4'
Fagotto 16'
Choir to Pedal
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal

Contra Dulciana 16'
Lieblich Gedeckt 8'
Dulciana 8'
Open Flute 4'
Dulcet 4'
Nazard 2.2/3'
Dulcet Twelfth 2.2/3'
Dulcet Fifteenth 2'
Tierce 1.3/5'
Acuta II
Clarinet 8'
Swell to Choir

Double Diapason 16'
Open Diapason I 8'
Open Diapason II 8'
Clarabella 8'
Principal 4'
Stopped Flute 4'
Twelfth 2.2/3'
Fifteenth 2'
Mixture III
Swell to Great
Choir to Great

Open Diapason 8'
Rohr Flute 8'
Salicional 8'
Vox Angelica 8'
Gemshorn 4'
Fifteenth 2'
Octavin 1'
Mixture II
Contra Fagotto 16'
Cornopean 8'
Oboe 8'
Clarion 4'

4 double touch thumb pistons to Choir and Pedal
4 double touch thumb pistons to Great and Pedal
4 double touch thumb pistons to Swell and Pedal
4 double touch toe pistons to Pedal and Great
4 double touch toe pistons to Pedal and Swell
3 pedal coupler cancel thumb pistons
1 reversible thumb piston - swell to great
1 reversible toe piston - great to pedal
1 general cancel thumb piston
1 balanced expression pedal - swell
1 balanced expression pedal - crescendo