Oasis Church in Lambeth, London is another example of where the John Compton Organ Company Ltd provided an instrument to a church rebuilt after world war two.

The present church was built in 1960 to replace a previous building which was destroyed during world war two. It was then known as Christ Church and Upton before becoming known as Oasis in 2011.

The organ for the new church is the 3 rank Miniatura model. 

The specification reads:

Sub Bass 16' 
Flute 8' 
Great to Pedal 
Solo to Pedal 

Tenordon 16' 
Diapason 8' 
Gemshorn 8' 
Hohl Flute 8' 
Octave 4' 
Gemshorn 4' 
Fifteenth 2' 
Super Octave 2' 

Contra Flute 16' 
Diapason 8' 
Gemshorn 8' 
Hohl Flute 8' 
Gemshorn 4' 
Flute 4' 
Nazard 2.2/3' 
Flautino 2' 

3 thumb pistons to Great 
3 thumb pistons to Solo 
1 reverse thumb piston - Great to Pedal 
1 reverse thumb piston - Solo to Pedal 
1 balanced expression pedal - Diapason, Gemshorn and Flute 
1 balanced expression pedal - Crescendo Double touch canceller to each department 

Unlike most other Miniatura models, the organ was given a modern look in the casework to blend in with the church.

A refurbishment of the church is planned in 2014 so it is likely that the organ will be removed as a result.